Intercultural Training for Employers

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Intercultural Training for Employers

Saskatchewan workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse, as immigration grows within our province. Important knowledge and skills are required, to work effectively with culturally diverse staff. The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS) offers workshops, training, and lunch & learn educational sessions for employers.

Their workshops are designed to equip participants with soft skills and practical ways to remove barriers. The workshop is customized based on the learning objectives of the organization and audience and are very interactive, consisting of PowerPoint presentations, activities, audio-visuals and group discussions. 

MCoS has Intercultural Facilitators trained to provide sessions on five modules addressing intercultural relations. The Diversity in the Workplace Module examines two key characteristics of engaging and respectful workplaces. 

  • Section one includes a review of diversity in Saskatchewan and its positive impact on innovation and trade. We look at elements of culture that help and hinder our understanding of each other in the workplace. Participants explore concepts such as identity, cultural orientation, and types of inclusion. 

  • In section two, we examine organizational responses to growing diversity with a closer look at human resources (recruitment, hiring, mentoring/coaching, team building, social effects, performance review, and promotion) and measuring organizational diversity.

They have created a user-friendly Welcoming and Inclusive Communities (WIC) Toolkit with a concrete action plan embedded within. The toolkit is available in English and French to download They also offer consultation to develop diversity strategies. 

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