RRLIP Action Plan Released - Settlement and Integration Community Plan - 2017-2020

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RRLIP Action Plan Released - Settlement and Integration Community Plan - 2017-2020

After a great deal of input from the community, the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership Council and Immigration Advisory Table (IAT) is pleased to present its first 'Settlement and Integration Community Plan' for 2017 - 2020, on behalf of the Local Immigration Partnership.    

There are four external priority areas and one internal organizational priority area, with key actions and desired results identified for each.  

The areas include Employment, Education, Child Care, Canadian Daily Living and Organizational Strength.  

Implementation of the Community Plan will be overseen by the Partnership Council, with input from the Immigrant Advisory Table.

However, the Plan’s success will depend on a community of stakeholders.

The 3 year action plan will be implemented with the support of working groups and other stakeholders.

Thepriority areas and key actions will be reviewed annually to ensure the Plan reflects the current needs of newcomers in Regina.

An evaluation framework, to be developed by a Local Immigration Partnership collaborative, will track its work and success.

Updates and results will also be shared during annual community forums, as well as through the project website, news blog, newsletters etc.

The priority areas and key actions in the Settlement and Integration Community Plan were created from evidence resulting from local research (the work of Daniel Kikulwe, Donalda Halabuza, Christine Massing, Crystal Giesbrecht, and Needal Ghadi), community forums, newcomer, service provider and other key stakeholder feedback, and the experience and expertise of the Partnership Council and Immigrant Advisory Table

The intent of the Community Plan is to strengthen local awareness of the needs of newcomers in Regina, establish or enhance partnerships and participation of multiple stakeholders in the planning and coordinated delivery of services, and improve access to, and the coordination of, services and supports for newcomers (i e employment, education, childcare, daily living)

The overall goal of a Local Immigration Partnership (LIP), including the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership (RRLIP), is to support newcomers to become fully engaged in the social, economic and cultural life in their new community.

The Community Plan reflects the local, community-driven approach the RRLIP will undertake to involve and engage with multi-sectors to strengthen and enhance newcomer settlement and adaptation outcomes, while building a more welcoming Regina community.

RRLIP Settlement and Integration Plan