Queen City Marathon Needs Volunteers for Refreshment Station - Newcomers and Families Welcome! Sunday Sept 10th Morning

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Queen City Marathon Needs Volunteers for Refreshment Station - Newcomers and Families Welcome!  Sunday Sept 10th Morning

The Queen City Marathon (QCM) has a number of events - walks and runs of different lengths, for different ages and ability levels, and various displays. Come out to participate, watch or volunteer. The QCM requires many volunteers and some areas still need helpers!  This is a great opportunity for newcomer volunteers to experience the Queen City Marathon and be a part of it, as well as gain some volunteer experience.

Very minimal English is required.  Children are welcome (provided they are able/willing to help and/or do not get in the way of the runners and other volunteers).  Volunteers will also be helping a charity that supports animals in need.


Job Description for volunteers:

QCM Refreshment Station, Sunday September 10th,  9:30am-12:30pm (supporting Regina Cat Rescue charity)

This event is a lot of fun. Volunteers hand out refreshments to the runners as they go by and call out encouragement to them.

  • pour water into little paper cups 
  • hold those cups of water to runners as they pass very easy, generally nice weather, and fun
    • some volunteers will choose to only do pouring
    • some will only do hand outs
    • some will pick up the cups that get discarded on the ground (keep the area clean of the cups).
  • no communication needed really, newcomer volunteers do not need to speak to the runners
  • everything is very action based, those with low English would have no problem witnessing what we're doing and be able to participate

Location and parking

The corner of Coronation St. and 17th Avenue.  It's about halfway between Pasqua and Elphinstone.

The best place for volunteers to park is on nearest side streets.

What to bring and wear

  • be sure to dress appropriately for the weather, as the race will go ahead regardless of the weather (sunscreen and hat, raincoat, etc.)
  • Please bring a cookie sheet, muffin tin, or serving platter if you can. We use these to put cups of water on, it makes it easier to pass them out to the runners.

What we provide

  • Plastic gloves will be provided, we need to wear them for sanitary reasons.
  • We will be supplying some snacks


Those interested in volunteering can contact   

Map with volunteer location (corner of 17th Ave and Coronation St.) 

Website - Information about Regina Cat Rescue 

Thank you for your support!