Let's Talk: Navigating Safe Discussions on Racism

Let's Talk:  Navigating Safe Discussions on Racism

Thursday, July 26th
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Let's Talk is about engaging in conversations about racism with your colleagues, neighbours, family and friends. 

This event is taking place in Saskatoon, but will be lived-streamed on Facebook so anyone who is interested can participate. You can watch it on your phone, computer, TV, or project it for larger gatherings. 

Make sure you have:
- a fast wifi or ethernet connection
- a Facebook account (you must "like" the event in advance for it to appear in your news stream).

How to watch the live-stream event:
1. In advance, you must log into Facebook and "like" the event. The event page can be found here
2. At the time of the event, go to the Facebook event page and the video will appear there. (To access the event page, either click on it when it shows up in your news feed, find it in your own events listing, or by click on the above link and login to Facebook from there.

If you are in Regina and would like to join a group who is watching this event together, you can go to the Artesian, located at 2627 - 13th Avenue. There is no fee to attend and all individuals are welcome. 

If you plan hosting a group to watch together, let us know and we'll include it on our Facebook event page! 
For more support or questions, please contact  Shaunna Dunn, from Common Weal Community Arts, by emailing  

*Note: this event has been developed as part of a partnerhsip between SaskCulture, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, Common Weal Community Arts and Saskatchewan Writers Guild*