ESL series from OMNI TV. Practise English in your own home

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ESL series from OMNI TV.  Practise English in your own home

ESL series available for newcomers!  Practise English at home  

This 120 episode, half-hour TV series is a great resource for newcomers to Saskatchewan who want to improve their English language skills- and will be of interest to learners at many levels. The episodes are segmented and cover off many social and cultural, and business topics/language skills.  

Let’s Talk English is a variety-style program with 6-7 features per episode designed to help viewers learning English improve their communication skills — speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar and cultural knowledge.  

The series differentiates itself from traditional classroom resources by approaching lessons in a contemporary manner similar to the online videos and internet learning communities.

And Let’s Talk English is more than just vocabulary. The show helps newcomers integrate into the community by developing soft skills — raising cultural awareness in North American behavior and customs.


Access the vidoes directly, at: