"Embracing Diversity" - Program Coming to Regina Schools

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"Embracing Diversity" - Program Coming to Regina Schools

More than 60 schools, from both Public and Catholic divisions, will be inviting cultural outreach workers into their classrooms as part of a new program from Regina Multicultural Council.

The program, called Embracing Diversity,  aims to bring personal voices into the classroom to share stories and traditions. “From that greater knowledge and exposure will come more appreciation, deeper respect for one another, a stronger community and a better country,” according to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. 

“This program is aimed at providing accurate cultural information, not based on fears or what is on the Internet, or something that’s been seen around Facebook,” proclaimed Holly Paluck, a board member with Regina Multicultural Council. “It’s no longer about a facade of what we think that culture is. It is voice from this culture, clarifying and providing that direction.” 

According to Paluck, the cultural workers will come from more than 40 organizations that are members of the council, and possibly some that aren’t. They’ll be invited to submit applications, along with verification that they’ll be “a good ambassador for their cultural communities.” 

The full article can be read here: https://leaderpost.com/news/local-news/regina-multicultural-council-launching-program-to-spread-understanding-in-schools