Electricity and Natural Gas Safety (From Regina Fire and Protective Services - City of Regina)

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Electricity and Natural Gas Safety (From Regina Fire and Protective Services - City of Regina)

The City of Regina Fire and  Protective Services, in conjunction with local settlement agencies and the Newcomer Welcome Gateway has developed a number of Fire Safety videos. 

Below is the script: viewers can have the information, and use the Google translate feature to translate it into their own language.



Electricity and Natural Gas Safety video


Let there be light … the right way!


Electricity runs our tvs and our appliances, and gives us light. 

Natural gas provides us with heat and hot water.

But when they’re not used the right way, they can cause fires or they can hurt us.


Keep your home warm and bright the right way by following the tips in this video.


Before changing a light bulb,read the label on your light fixtureto ensure you are using the correct bulb. 

Never run extension cords under a rug, where people may walk.  The cord can wear out and cause a fire.

Never make an electrical cord octopus.  Do not plug a several cords into one outlet or extension cord.  This will overheat the plug and cause a fire.

Keep all electrical appliances away from water.  Water and electricity don’t mix – you could get hurt, or worse, you could get electrocuted.

Unplug all holiday lights inside your home when you go to sleep or leave the house. 

Check your cords to make sure they’re not frayed, cut or bent.  If they are, replace them right away. 

Never cut into your walls – there may be electrical wires behind them.

If the power goes out in one part of your home, check the breaker panel to see if a switch has flipped.  If it has, flip it back.

If you do not know where your breaker box is located or how to flip a breaker switch, contact your landlord, or a certified electrician. 

If your furnace or water heater doesn’t work, call your landlord, or a plumber.


Furnaces and water heaters use natural gas.  Natural gas can be dangerous if there’s a leak

You will know if there’s a leak because it will smell like rotten eggs

If you do smell natural gas, get out of the house and call 9-1-1 right away.


For more information go to the City of Regina website at regina.ca and click on Fire Services.



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