Do you know?.. The 211 Community Directory

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Do you know?.. The 211 Community Directory

211 Saskatchewan [] is a free, confidential, and searchable online directory of services in Saskatchewan. The service is funded by the United Ways of Regina and Saskatoon and provides listings for over 5000 social, community, non-clinical health, and government services across Saskatchewan.

Access the website from a mobile phone, a tablet, or any internet-connected computer including those at public libraries throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

To use the 211 service:

Enter  in the browser location then search for resources by category or by topic.

For example, information for Refugee and immigrant newcomers in Regina can be found here

Search by category:

On the website main page, choose a category of interest, such as Newcomer Services and click on the picture/icon for that service.
When the 'Need Your Location' window pops up, enter yourpostal code or the city/town/village name, click a button next to an area of interest or selectAll, then press SUBMIT.

Search by topic:

Use the Service Search midway down the main page, enter a Search Word, your Location, then press Search to find resources that match a program/service name using a term that you understand.

A default of 5 resources per page (listed by program/service name) appears for the selected category or topic request. Modify the # of results (just above the grey bar on the upper right of the screen) to see more or all resources on a single page.

Click on the program/service name that best suits your search to find eligibility requirements, contact information, where the program/service is offered (a map pinpoints the location), hours of operation, if the location is wheelchair accessible, and more.

Toprint either the resource listing or the specific program/service listing, click Print in the red box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Contact  for more information or to order communication materials.

Contact information can also be found in RRLIP Links here