Are you involved or interested in sponsoring refugees? Sponsoring Community Network - meeting May 15

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Are you involved or interested in sponsoring refugees? Sponsoring Community Network - meeting May 15

The RRLIP (Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership) convened the Sponsoring Community Network (SCN) in September 2017 so that together, sponsoring community members can share challenges, promising practices and local program and resource information.  

If you are interested in, planning to, or are currently sponsoring refugees privately, you are welcome to attend the meeting tonight, Tuesday May 15th.    

Sponsorship could be through Groups of 5, family/community/faith groups, or other programs approved through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).    

At the meetings, participants share information, as well as receive information about services, programs and supports available to assist in their sponsorship role.

The RRLIP staff continues to update group members about new developments and items of interest to sponsors or the sponsored refugees.

For example, a speaker from the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program presented information at the January meeting. RSTP is designed to support sponsorship groups in Canada, with information and training for sponsorship.  They can assist with forms and provide community presentations geared to specific groups.  

You can see the Regina RSTP  presentation here

Brief RSTP Presentation notes can be found here

The meeting tonight will feature a member from Regina Fire and Protective Services. 

A representative will be sharing the resources the Fire Department  has available. 

These specialty resources have been developed specifically for newcomers, in conjunction with local settlement agencies. Some have various languages available, with pictures accompanying the information.   

Fire information can also be found on the RRLIP website: 

Sponsoring Community Network meeting information:

Bank of Canada Building

2220 -12th Ave - 5th Floor

Tuesday May 15

6:30 pm


For more information about the group,  contact RRLIP at 306-791-6846 or 306-791-6841 or email  

Information and minutes from the past meetings can be found on the RRLIP website: